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Dom Perignon Vintage 2008 Champagne with Gift Box, 75 cl


  • Floral softness to the gritty minerality that typically charactrises Dom Perignon champagnes.
  • Expressions of candied fruit, plant life and exquisite leaf freshness. Plunges into darkness, spices and liquorice root.
  • This wine has a physical presence. It is striking and demanding, tactile and vibrant rather than aromatic. It is built on rhythm and rupture more than harmony. After an initial cloud of softness, we hit a mineralised verticality that gradually opens out to suggest a bitter, iodised and saline nobility.
  • Key Taste Descriptors: Citrus, Apple, Biscuity
  • Food Pairing Suggestions: Chilli & Spicy Foods, Oily Fish, Shellfish

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After a particularly cold, dry and severe winter, the spring frosts of 7 to 11 April left a lasting mark in Champagne. Summer was immediately scorching, the hottest for 53 years. Anything that had miraculously escaped the frost and hail was subjected to intense heat until harvest. The crop was perfectly ripe and healthy, like those of 1947, 1959 and 1976. The bouquet spirals through sweet, bright floral notes and the lively minerality so typical of Dom Pérignon, then notes of candied fruit, plants, the incredible freshness of camphor leaf and finally the dark hints of spices and liquorice root. The wine is currently still physical. It is compelling, tactile and vibrant rather than aromatic. The rhythm and tempo are more dominant than the melody. At first mild and delicate, then strongly, confidently mineral, persistent, precise, with a refined bitterness, and an iodine, saline tang.


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