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Williams Single Botanical Gin (Juniper Vodka) 70cl


It is a little-known fact that gins are made from vodka, and so to highlight our point, rather than simply redistilling a neutral grain spirit, we created this single botanical gin (or juniper vodka?) from our award-winning potato-based spirit. Labelled on one side of the bottle with “Limited Edition Chase Juniper Vodka”, while the other side reads “Williams Single Botanical Gin”, which camp are you in?

Much like our GB Gin, our single botanical has our Chase vodka spirit as the base, but is infused solely with juniper and created in very small batches of only 1000 bottles.

Nose: Clean and fresh – even freshening, leathery eucalyptus with delicate piney spice.

Palate: Clean, eucalyptus, lavender, camphor, pine and faint overripe banana garnished with mild black pepper.

Finish: Earthy tones of juniper leaving a clean peppery aftertaste.