Behind the Bubbly Bottle Names

Who knew it was possible to get a 30 LITRE bottle of champagne!? Well this post will inform you on all the different sizes as well as the meaning behind their special names...

Bottle name Volume (cl) Standard bottle size equivalent Number of glasses
Piccolo 20 ¼ 2
Demi 37.5 ½ 3
Standard 75 1 6
Magnum 3150 2 12
Jeroboam 300 4 24
Rehoboam 450 6 36
Methuselah 600 8 48
Balthazar 1200 16 96
Nebuchadnezzar 1500 20 120
Solomon 1800 24 144
Sovereign 2625 35 210
Melchisedech 3000 40 240



This name originates from Italy and translates to ‘small’. With this bottle being a quarter of the size of a standard bottle, we think the name is pretty fitting!


A Demi is half the size of a standard bottle and this time, its name originates from France and means ‘half’. Amusingly, it can also sometimes be called Fillette, which means ‘little girl’ in French.


Although this is referred to as the standard bottle because its the norm, I think we can all agree that champagne is not your average drink and its level of quality surpasses its name.


This bottle looks impressive and so, it has been given the name ‘great’ in Latin. Also, producers say its size makes it an ideal bottle for ageing champagne.


Named after the king to rule Israel and is bottle ideal for still wines. Despite that this bottle can carry 3L, it is considered minuscule when compared to the larger bottles,  as you’ll soon come to realise...


Named after the son of Solomon who rebelled and created the Northern Kingdoms split. This name indicates “he who enlarges the people” which is fitting to the bottle’s dimensions.


Being 6x the size of a standard – this wine would take a long time to age, probably why it has been named after the oldest man in the Bible, living to be 969.


This bottle is named after a king who presented gifts to Jesus after his birth. Holding 96 glasses of champagne, this bottle would be a gift at any party.


This bottle is named after the most powerful Babylonian kings, who was considered as a man of great worth. Holding 20 standard bottles, this bottle is worthy for a party!


Supposedly named after one of the wise men and with the gift of wisdom and knowledge of languages, he is the subject of several books of the bible. to add, this bottle is so rare, it can only be found in French champagne houses.


This bottle was designed to accommodate the largest cruise ship in the world in 1988 and is named after the Sovereign of the sea.


Finally, the greatest bottle named after the greatest. This old Canaanite name means ‘My King is God’ and where some believe this bottle really exists, others believe this 30L bottle is just a myth.


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