Twist up your Peach Iced Tea

With the sun making an appearance on this fine Saturday, I thought I’d turn the family gathering into a garden party whilst the sunshine lasts.

And you can’t go wrong with a refreshing jug of homemade peach iced tea. I decided to fuel this special (family get together) and rare (sun in the British summer) occasion by taking a twist on our all time favourite iced tea.

If you’re a Whiskey lover like me, this creation will get you squealing with excitement / eagerness to try you might even skip out the process of making the homemade iced tea and instead go straight for the ready made bottles link Lipton iced tea – I wouldn’t blame you.

Spice up your life by literally adding a cheeky shot whisky - we recommend Glenmorangie for a delicious sweet flavour and a spicy aroma, to elevate moments into something special. Or, Ardbeg for sweet and smokey fans. 

RIGHT so lets get started... for those who prefer to experience pleasure without delay skip forward to step 4 and enjoy.

Those who enjoy fulfilment from preparing the goods or just want to have a go at something new please proceed.

1. Add 5 tea bags (your favourite or whatever you can get your hands on) in 3 cups of hot water, after 5 minutes remove tea bags, add 8 cups of ice, and 1 cup of cold water.

2. In a blender or food processor:

1 2/3 cup of diced peaches
Juice of 1 lemon (optional)

3. Puree the contents until smooth, you can also strain out the pulp if you prefer, then pour peach puree into iced tea

4. Mix and taste – if you have a sweet tooth you can add additional sugar, if not, drum roll please...

5. I like to enjoy a glass filled with ¾ ice, ½ shot of whiskey and topped with peach iced tea. But you can get creative in this step!

Sir, add peach garnishing if you fancy, then enjoy!

(REMEMBER add whisky to your glass and not the whole jug if there are kids around - classic mistake. This way everyone can enjoy this beverage in their own way!)

You can also go rouge and create your own concoction by changing the flavour of tea!

Although I’d love to stay and chat, I have a beverage waiting – oh and people to see...



5 bags of black tea

3 cups of hot water

8 cups of ice

1 cup of cold water

1 2/3 diced peaches

1 juiced lemon (optional)


Ice for serving

Sliced peaches for garnishing (optional)

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