Chase English Rhubarb Vodka 70cl

Chase English Rhubarb Vodka 70cl

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Previously part of our limited edition collection, this delicately sweet infusion has earned a permanent place in our award-winning range. Herefordshire grown rhubarb is stewed then infused with our classic Chase Vodka, before fresh rhubarb is added for that distinctive pink tint.

  • Nose: Clean with freshly stewed rhubarb.
  • Palate: Naturally sweet with a hint of tartness and pepper.
  • Finish: Creamy, finishing like a fine reposado tequila or mescal.


Rhubarb Sour

50ml Chase Rhubarb Vodka

20ml Fresh lemon juice

20ml Sugar syrup

1 Egg white

Method: add all ingredients into a shaker and shake with ice.
Discard ice and shake again. Double strain into a tumbler with
cubed ice.

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